October 1, 2021

Posted September 30, 2018 07:24:31 A Geelong football team is playing football in an Australian university’s football stadium, with the university saying it has received a petition from the player association.

Key points:The Geelong Falcons have played football in the University’s Stadium for the past four yearsIt is a new partnership with the University that will see Geelong’s football squad play at the university’s stadium every home and away seasonFor the first time in its history, the Gees are using the football stadium as a venue to play football.

The Gees and the University had previously played in the venue for four years.

They are now playing football at Geelong Football Stadium, which is the venue of the AFL’s Geelong Demons.

The Falcons are hoping the partnership will help raise funds for a new facility at the football club.

“The stadium has become the main location for our football team,” Geelong general manager of marketing and communications, Paul Gartside, said.

“There is always a chance that we can get in touch with them and see if there’s any sort of partnership, because there is.”

It’s a great opportunity for the club, the football team and the student body.

“The Geedans have played in Geelong Stadium in the past for the last four years, when the club won the AFL Grand Final and the VFL Grand Final.

They won the Geelers National Championships for the fourth time last year.”

We are extremely excited about this new partnership, and we hope that this will help us grow our fan base,” Mr Gartone said.

The university said the new partnership was announced this week and the Falcons will play their home games at the venue.”

This partnership has been well received by our football supporters and has been a great win for the Geedons football club,” Mr Jardine said.

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