October 7, 2021

The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine has secured $6.8 million in a federal grant to support the development of new imaging technologies and biomedical diagnostics.

The project, the Johns Hopkins Health Innovation Initiative, is the first of its kind to focus on biomedical diagnosing diseases in the developing world, according to the NIH.

The grant is the largest in Johns Hopkins’ history.

“This project has the potential to help improve lives by addressing one of the most pressing global health challenges of our time: the rising prevalence of infectious diseases in developing countries,” said Dr. Steven Nissen, president of the Johns and Harvard Medical Schools.

“The Johns Hopkins Institute for Advanced Imaging and Computational Biology (BIACB) will play a critical role in this effort.”

The Johns and Johns Hopkins Universities will jointly fund the project through the Johns’ Center for Applied Biomedical Imaging and Computing Technology.

The Johns team plans to conduct a series of studies that will examine the impact of genetic sequencing technologies on diagnostic tests and treatment for a variety of diseases.

“We believe that these innovative technologies are already enabling diagnostic tests for many of the diseases and conditions that currently have not been addressed,” said Elizabeth Shaffer, a Johns Hopkins medical student who will lead the project.

“By developing these technologies, we can potentially improve our ability to diagnose and treat people who are in dire need of help.”

The first project will use the genome-sequencing technology to identify patients who have a high risk of getting cancer, and the second will look at the health effects of the use of an alternative cancer screening test, which may help doctors and patients determine whether to treat a cancer patient with radiation therapy or chemotherapy.

The team is working to identify the best approaches to the diseases.

The research was funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), and the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS).

The Johns was founded in 1768 and has been ranked as one of America’s top 50 universities by U.S. News & World Report.

For more information, visit the Johns website.

Development Is Supported By

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