October 14, 2021

An article on The Washington Times has highlighted a program at American University in which students who graduate with a master’s degree in the humanities, history, or social sciences must also complete a master of arts in social work, an area that is usually seen as more advanced in the country than the arts.

The master of art in social working, or MASS, is usually required to take the courses in social psychology and social policy that are often associated with social work in the United States.

But, as the article notes, it is also a master in law, which is also usually seen in the U.S. as a less prestigious field than the humanities.MASS students also must complete a bachelor’s degree or a two-year certificate in the field, which includes a two credits of graduate work in sociology.

Students at American, however, can complete the master of science in social policy without taking the MASS.

The program is offered through the American University College of Social Work, which operates in partnership with the University of Delaware and is overseen by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni.

The article notes that in recent years, the American College of Trustants and Alums has been pushing to increase the number of students in the master’s program, with the goal of opening the program to as many people as possible.

However, it’s also known as an “early-career program,” which means that it is designed to give a person who has only graduated from high school a little more time to become an advocate and mentor to young adults.

To date, nearly 200 students have completed the program, and many of them are pursuing master’s degrees in the arts, the article states.

The article also states that the program’s director, Dr. Sarah Riehle, said that the students who complete the program “receive a much more robust foundation for their careers.”

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