October 13, 2021

Radford University’s President, Bruce Watee, said he has no intention of taking over the school’s flagship, Wingate University, after he received an invitation from UC President Janet Napolitano to speak at its annual commencement on June 11.

The invitation from Napolitana came after the UC Board of Regents invited UC Berkeley’s President Janet N. Napolitane to speak in June.

Wateen, however, said his speech was not meant to be a direct attack on the UC system.

Instead, he said, it was a reminder that he and other leaders at UC Berkeley have the power to bring more knowledge to the campus.

“I’m really not concerned about what she might think, and I’m not concerned with what some university may think,” Watees’ statement said.

“This invitation comes with a warning that my speech is not an attack on anyone and that my goal is to be respectful to the university and its students.”

Watees, who has led the university for the past four years, said the invitation came with no strings attached.

He said he had no intention to take the UCs flagship, which is the university’s flagship campus.

“The UCs president was not aware of my intentions to speak and we did not ask for a specific date or time.

This is the first time that someone has invited me to speak.

I will be addressing a gathering of more than 500 students and faculty at Wingate in the coming days.

I hope that my message of understanding and understanding is received and that UC Berkeley students, faculty, staff and alumni will feel welcome and encouraged by my speech,” Wates said in a statement.

“Wingate has a long and rich history and it is important to me to take my message to the students who make up this campus.

As a former UC administrator, I am fully committed to helping UC Berkeley become a truly great university.

I believe that UC’s mission should be to enrich the lives of its students and to educate them in the values of freedom, justice and tolerance.”

Waties remarks come as UC Berkeley, which recently became the first private institution to open a law school in the United States, is embroiled in a public relations nightmare.

The Berkeley Law School has been dogged by an online controversy over an anti-free speech speech letter written by Wateers predecessor.

UC Berkeley President Janet Yellen has apologized to Wateee, who resigned as the schools vice chancellor in February.

WATEES STATEMENT”I am deeply disappointed in the actions of a UC administrator.

It was never my intention to offend anyone and I do not plan to take it back,” WATEE said.

He also noted that his resignation letter did not specify whether he intended to apologize to the UC community or not.

Watee also addressed the recent controversy surrounding a UC Berkeley professor who has been accused of anti-Semitism and racism.

Waties comments come amid mounting public criticism over the UC Berkeley Board of Trustees’ decision to hire UC Berkeley graduate students and UC Berkeley law professors to run its law school.

The university is expected to hire around 200 of them in early 2019.

Watelyes decision comes amid ongoing investigations into the handling of student sexual assault allegations and accusations of racism and sexism on campus.

In his statement, Wateem said he hopes his invitation to speak will help foster an environment that is safe and respectful.

He is expected on campus for a speech later on Tuesday.

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