September 22, 2021

Georgia State University, a private, historically black institution in Georgia, has a reputation for offering excellent tuition and the option of postdoctoral positions.

Now that the university is gearing up to accept PhDs in the next two years, however, it has been flooded with applications.

Georgia has become the latest in a series of state universities to offer a postgraduate degree, and some students are saying that the number of applications has been overwhelming. 

The university is now accepting applications for a new postgraduate program, and it is already accepting about half of the students who have applied. 

“I had the opportunity to sit for a year and I am so glad I did,” said one of the first applicants to apply, Mary Lou. 

Mary has been working as a research assistant in the biology department at the university, and she said that the job offered her the opportunity for a postdoctoral fellowship. 

After receiving her PhD from the university in 2017, she was interested in pursuing an academic career. 

It wasn’t until she applied for the postgraduate fellowship that she realized how hard it was to get accepted. 

She said she was initially rejected, but when she started applying for the fellowship, she received an email saying that she had been accepted.

Mary Lou is the first person to apply for a graduate degree at Georgias state university.

She is currently the associate professor in the Department of Genetics and the Biology Department. 

Her research focuses on the relationship between genetics and human health. 

In her spare time, she enjoys playing guitar and baking cookies. 

I am really grateful for the opportunity, said Mary Lou.

She said that she hopes to continue working with the genetics research team, and that she is looking forward to working with other students and colleagues. 

Georgias postgraduate research team is currently working on a paper on the role of oxidative stress and oxidative stress-related diseases in the aging of the brain. 

Some of the other researchers on the postdoctoral program are: Julia Sánchez-Mendoza, associate professor of biology; Danielle Nava, a graduate student; Anna Hernandez-Martínez, a postdoc; Sharon Stearns, a doctoral student; and Alyssa Pérez-Nelson, a professor of microbiology. 

For more on the University of Georgia, visit the university’s website. 

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