September 26, 2021

Marquette, the University of Wisconsin, and the University at Buffalo are among the schools that are taking the fight against online discrimination to the next level.

The schools announced on Wednesday that they are joining a national coalition to work together to improve the lives of students, faculty, staff, and students who are at risk of being harassed online.

The coalition will focus on preventing harassment, harassment of individuals, and bullying.

The groups are:The coalition includes:Black Lives Matter, Black Student Union, Black Leadership Coalition, Black Collegiate Leadership Alliance, the Center for Civil and Human Rights, the Columbia Center for Justice, and Students Against Online Harassment.

The alliance is expected to expand to more schools by the end of the year, with other schools expected to join in later this year.

The new alliance will aim to combat the online bullying that disproportionately impacts Black, Latina, and transgender students, according to a statement released by the universities on Wednesday.

“This coalition is a key step in the work to ensure that our campuses are safe spaces for our students, students of color, and LGBTQ+ students, and for those who are being harassed on campus,” University at Albany President Robert Bragg said in the statement.

“As a community, we must take the lead and ensure that we will never let this epidemic of online harassment take our community and our campus away from the people who need it most.”

The coalition is also working to educate students about the issues that impact them, and how to identify online harassment.

For example, the coalition has partnered with a social media service called I Am Bitter to provide support for students who have experienced harassment.

I Am Bitch was created by the Black Student Alliance, which has an online platform to help students report online harassment and to share experiences.

I AM BITCH is an app that provides a toolkit for students to report harassment and helps them understand how they can protect themselves, according the statement on the group’s website.

Students are also encouraged to report online abuse via the I Am Black and Black Lives Matter websites.

The I Am Group, which was formed by students from the Black College Alliance and the Black Collegial Leadership Alliance last year, also partnered with Marquette to create a national online support group for Black students, Bragg told ABC News.

“We are here to support Black students to feel safe online,” Bragg added.

“If a Black student feels unsafe or unsafe, they can call Marquette,” Brago said.

“We will provide the resources, we will be there for them.”

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