September 21, 2021

On Friday, October 2, the Harvard University announced a new logo featuring a unicorn, a bird with wings, a unicorn and a dragon.

The new logo features a more modern look with a more geometric shape.

The logo features an “X” representing the infinity mark, an ellipsis, a line through a triangle, and an X through a circle.

It features an arrowhead symbol at the top, a compass pointing up and down and a compass in a circle, with a circle at the bottom, and the words “HONOR” at the center.

Harvard University has been at the forefront of digital innovation since 1874, when it became the first American university to receive a patent on the new technology known as the “Internet.”

The first university-owned computer was created in 1964, and its first video game was released in 1968.

Since then, Harvard has gone from being a national research and educational institution to an international leader in technology and innovation.

The Harvard University website has also introduced a new look to the university website and new ways to access information through the “Harvard App,” a digital platform that allows users to access Harvard information and resources from their smartphones, tablets, and computers. 

In the past, the university has been known for its history of innovation, including the invention of the first digital computer, the first video camera, the discovery of DNA, and more. 

Harvard has long been considered a “tipping point” in the world of research, and this new look reflects the university’s “continued focus on innovation.”

Harvard announced its new logo during the opening of the “2025 Digital Transformation Summit,” a conference in New York City that focuses on how to make the university a more globally competitive, global and digital-focused organization.

The event also featured a speech from Vice President for Digital Transformation Richard L. Anderson, who announced the university will be releasing the new Harvard logo in 2018.

“We want to celebrate the history and history-making power of the university by bringing it into a modern era and making it a brand that people want to wear,” Anderson said.

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