September 23, 2021

A new $6 million investment from the University of Albany is the latest step toward the creation of a university-wide artificial intelligence lab that will create jobs, and improve the quality of the education for all students.

The university announced Wednesday it will make $6,000 to $8,000 in startup grants for the first phase of the new artificial intelligence center, which will be run by Cornell University.

“The university has a long history of investment in machine learning research and I think that’s where we are,” Cornell Vice President of Research Dr. Stephen H. Cohen said.

The goal of the Cornell-built artificial intelligence Lab is to build new models that can understand human speech and speech recognition, he said.

Cornell’s new lab will also study how artificial intelligence will affect the health of the human body and the economy.

Cornell is also partnering with other universities in Europe and Canada to make artificial intelligence available for research.

The lab will work in two areas: one will focus on building software that will automatically analyze data and identify patterns in that data; the other will be used to develop algorithms that will predict which of the thousands of different kinds of health problems people face in real life.

The Cornell Center for Artificial Intelligence is one of two research centers the university is funding.

The other, the Center for Health and Computer Science, is funded by the National Institutes of Health and the Department of Defense.

The new artificial-intelligence lab is also part of Cornell’s push to boost its reputation as a top research university.

“We have a tremendous reputation for academic excellence, and our students are our future,” Cohen said in a statement.

Cornell has already spent $12.5 billion to support its research in the area of artificial intelligence.

Cohen noted that the artificial-learning lab will help to boost Cornell’s reputation as an innovator and will allow Cornell to “make sure we’re not just another college.”

“It will give us the ability to bring some of the best faculty in the world to Cornell, and to get them to take a chance on some of our most promising ideas and to work on new things,” he said, referring to the Cornell Center.

The artificial-knowledge research will be conducted at Cornell, along with two other Cornell research labs.

Cornell will be the first major research university to use artificial intelligence for teaching purposes, as the research will provide teaching materials for undergraduate students, Cohen said, adding that the Cornell artificial-learnings lab will be “very close to the core” of the university’s teaching mission.

The Artificial Intelligence Lab is part of a larger plan to develop artificial intelligence into a foundational technology that can be used in the workplace.

Earlier this year, Cornell announced that it would use artificial-language-learning software to improve its human-service applications.

“In the coming years, we will be able to take this technology and apply it to the business world as well,” Cohen told reporters at the time.

Cornell and the other major research universities that are part of the Artificial Intelligence Research Program will also create a new program to help train new scientists, Cohen added.

“It’s a very big, ambitious endeavor, and we want to get it done in the right way.”

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