August 23, 2021

With students now living and learning on their own in their own homes, teachers are increasingly looking to the digital platforms to help teach.

“Teachers are really looking to digital learning,” Dr Srivastava said.

Teachers across the country have been working on a digital learning strategy, with the Queensland Education Authority’s digital learning centre and the Victorian Department of Education’s digital teaching hub also set to launch in 2018.

But the new digital education strategy, which Dr Sravastava describes as “a real step in the right direction”, will not be rolled out in all schools.

Instead, the Department of Primary Industries and Universities (DPIU) and the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) are set to develop an online curriculum for primary schools.

Dr Sravashvarma says teachers are looking to teachers’ own online resources to teach students.

This includes digital video lessons, which are used by teachers to teach lesson planning and to assist with classroom management.

The DPIU’s online learning centre, called the DPIUK, will be a hub for teachers to access online lessons and content for students.

In order to get the curriculum to teachers, the DPOU and the ABS will have to work closely together to develop and roll out the curriculum, according to Dr Sivashvama.

It is not the first time a digital education initiative has been rolled out by the DPPIU and ABS.

Back in 2011, the Australian government funded a study to create a digital curriculum for teachers.

While the study was limited to primary schools, Dr Savastava says the government’s investment is paying off.

A digital curriculum would provide a means of teaching digital skills to teachers across all education levels.

Dr Sivastava also says that digital literacy is a critical component of digital learning.

“[Digital literacy] is an essential component of learning and digital literacy helps to develop critical thinking skills, a better understanding of the content and the context of the material that we are teaching,” she said.

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