August 24, 2021

By MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY NEWSLETTER August 26, 2020 9:06:52AM A group of students at the University of Michigan held a silent protest on Thursday, the first in the city of Ann Arbor, against President Donald Trump.

“I am tired of the hatred of white supremacy,” said student, Jaden Lyle, during the rally.

“I want to show that racism is not a right, it is a privilege.”

The rally was organized by the Ann Arbor Chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement, who said in a statement that the protests was a way to voice our concerns about the new president’s presidency.

The group also released a statement saying they are “ready to do whatever it takes to protect and defend our city and our campus from Trump’s policies and his racism.”

The group’s statement also said they are prepared to stand up to Trump and his administration.

On Wednesday, students at George Washington University held a protest against Trump, calling for “all people of color to be heard.”

A video from the event showed a crowd of more than 100 people marching down the steps of the George Washington campus.

The students chanted, “We are a unified, diverse, and inclusive nation.

We will not be intimidated.”

Students at other universities also held rallies, including at Yale, where a large crowd of about 100 people marched through the campus to the University President’s office on Thursday.

After the protest, protesters shouted, “Shame on you!” and “Go home!” as they walked away from the university.

University officials said they were monitoring the situation and were taking steps to ensure safety for students.

Read more about Trump in Ann Arbor.

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