August 17, 2021

University of Washington student-athletes will be able to take the field for Saturday’s game against the University of Connecticut, the school announced Monday.

The school announced the decision during a news conference with president David Siegel.

It comes amid protests by the student-run Student Government Association, which called for the end of the game.

The school is playing in a neutral venue and will host a game in the Huskies’ “new home” of Husky Stadium on Saturday.

The game will be broadcast nationally on ESPN.

The Huskies are 2-0 against the Husky Athletic Association, winning the series last year.

The players will wear the colors of the school.

In addition to wearing the colors, players will be allowed to wear red or blue bandanas and carry signs that are not in violation of school rules.

Players can wear hats and other non-permitted items at UW.

But wearing hats in the game will require a student ID.

Siegel said that “anyone who would have any sort of association with the team, and that includes student-owners and alumni, who have a stake in the outcome of the games, is strongly encouraged to wear a red or black hat.”

Siegel, a native of Seattle, became president of UW in 2016.

The university was founded in 1896 as the first school of higher education in the nation.

It is one of two UW-affiliated universities, the other being the University Of Washington.

The other is the University OF Washington, which is owned by a nonprofit group that is not part of UW.

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