August 1, 2021

Samford University and its students are fighting to get their own tattoo without having to go through a lawsuit.

The school says its policies are consistent with those of tattoo parlors across the country and is trying to use the same laws that apply to all tattoo parlor owners to help protect students.

“The idea is to get students to have a tattoo as part of a safe environment,” said the school’s President and CEO, David H. Smith.

The students say they have not received any written or verbal counseling regarding their right to wear their tattoos on campus, and they believe the policy is discriminatory.

“There’s no one on campus who has tattoos,” said one student.

“There’s really no one else that has a tattoo.

There’s only me and my girlfriend, and I have a bunch of friends, and we’re going to go and get one.”

The students filed a lawsuit last week in federal court, arguing that the school violated their First Amendment right to freedom of expression.

The lawsuit says that because the tattoo is visible on the student’s arm, the student is free to wear the tattoo at any time without having their name and address posted on the tattoo.

The student also has the right to remove the tattoo and put it on their own body.

But Samford says the policy doesn’t allow that.

Samford is not the first college to try to help students keep their tattoos.

Last year, the University of Washington’s Student Union was formed to support students who want to change their name, and the university has been able to offer them free tattoo removal services.

Samson is also one of several college campuses in the nation that have started requiring students to wear a license plate on their vehicles.

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