August 6, 2021

FiveThirtyEight’s Andrew Sullivan has a great story up this morning.

It’s about a man who’s a huge supporter of the Australian Defence Force.

But he’s also been doing his own research into the impact of climate change.

“When I was younger, I wanted to be a scientist,” he says.

“My dad was a military engineer.

My mum was a biologist, so I think I wanted that kind of career.”

And so, when the Australian defence force decided it would be a good idea to fund the construction of a massive new airbase in northern Queensland, he decided to do the same.

“When you’re a scientist, you want to work on things that can actually change the world,” he said.

“And when I started doing research, I realised the best way to change the planet is to change how we live.”

So, to help his friends and family, Andrew decided to start a charity to do exactly that.

So what do you do? “

But then I realised that there was no money, so we were forced to make a little donation for the cause.”

So what do you do?

The Australian Defence Foundation is already one of the largest and most successful charitable organisations in the world, with $8 billion raised in support of defence projects and other causes.

But what happens when a huge chunk of that money has been squandered on the construction, and the work that has been done has been wasted?

“I’m a huge fan of conservation,” Andrew says.

And he believes that climate change will make that more so.

So what does this mean for you?

It means you can give back to the community that you love, and if you have a spare $10 you can donate to a local charity.

But the real message is, the more we can do to stop climate change, the better off we’ll all be.

Read more about the Australian Defense Foundation: What’s happening at Lamar University of the Māori?

The National Post has more on the floods.

Follow the National Post’s coverage at FourFourtwo.

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