August 30, 2021

Capella University is facing a backlash after a student posted a racist message to her Facebook page, according to the university.

On Wednesday, an unnamed student at the University of Capella posted a picture of herself wearing a Nazi mask, according a Capella student website.

“My name is Luba Kavira, and I am the first African-American in the U.S. to graduate from Capella,” the student wrote.

“I’ve been here since the fall of 2017.

I’m here to stay, to learn, and to make this campus a better place for everyone.”

Kavira posted the picture on a Capello Facebook page.

It was removed within a few hours, but the university did not immediately provide an explanation.

“I’m really disturbed by the message,” Capella spokeswoman Nicole Bockman said in a statement to The Associated Press.

“It’s a very unfortunate way to treat another person and the university cannot tolerate that kind of behavior.

This behavior is absolutely unacceptable and the University cannot tolerate it.”

Bockman also said the university is reviewing the student’s comments.

“This is a very difficult situation and we take all of this seriously,” she said.

“Our campus is a place of open discussion, and we do not tolerate racism or hate speech, which is why we have a policy against racism and hate speech.”

She said the college takes the safety of our students very seriously, and the college has launched an investigation.

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