July 19, 2021

By Emily M. HahnThe Washington Post”There’s a lot of excitement in Washington right now about the new president,” says Susan M. Wojcicki, president and CEO of the University of Miami.

“But I would put it more in the realm of ‘who are we going to do next?’ because so many of the issues that have been raised have been around for a while.”

Wojciki, who heads UM’s College of Arts and Sciences, was a founding member of the President’s Council of Advisors on Education and Workforce Development, which advises the president on education and the workforce.

But Wojcik says the council hasn’t been updated since President-elect Donald Trump took office, leaving the college without a full-time director.

The college’s president says the college is looking to hire a new director for 2018, but Wojcilk says that hasn’t happened yet.

“We’re not looking for any sort of new director,” she says.

Wojciks family owns the Miami Marlins baseball team, but she’s a fan of the NBA and soccer.

“I’ve been a fan since I was a little kid,” she tells The Next Home.

“When I was 10, I played soccer and the first game I ever watched was the World Cup.

It was just crazy.

And when I was 11, I got the World Series.”

Wodciks son, who was born in Colombia, grew up playing soccer with his mom and dad.

“That was my passion growing up,” she explains.

“My dad loved to do this, my mom loved to play soccer.

And they were always together.

That’s what made my dad really like playing soccer, which is why I wanted to go to college.”

Wokciks son, the college’s current director of research, is also a soccer player.

But, like his mom, he was raised by his grandparents.

“They were a soccer team,” he explains.

His mom was the captain, and his dad was the goalkeeper.

Wodcik said he’d been watching the World Cups on TV, and when he got home, he wanted to watch every game.

“It’s kind of weird, I’m still trying to figure it out,” he says.

“At this point in my life, I kind of just want to stay focused on what I love to do.”

Womens studiesWodcik says she has no plans to attend medical school or become a nurse.

“No, I haven’t given it much thought,” she admits.

“It’s something that’s kind and easy and straightforward, and I’m pretty happy with that.”

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