July 28, 2021

The University of Oregon does not, in fact, have a “sexist” language on its official website, according to a new report.

The school’s vice president for diversity, policy, and communications, Laura Baskin, told The Daily Caller News Foundation that she “couldn’t be more confident” that the website has been updated to reflect the university’s current policies and practices.

“It’s a bit like any university, it’s a learning resource,” she said.

“The website is a way to get to know our students and their needs.”

The university also said it had no intention of changing its gender neutral pronouns.

“There are a lot of students and staff that use them in an inappropriate way, and I think we need to make sure we do a better job addressing those issues,” Baskins said.

But when asked by the Daily Caller whether the school had changed its policies, Baskers said that “we have never had a policy in place that says we don’t use the term ‘transgender’ in our pronouns.”

The website is also missing a section that would explain that the school’s “gender identity and expression policies prohibit discrimination based on gender identity and/or expression.”

Baskens comments echo those of many LGBT students across the country, who have long complained that the University of Washington, another public institution in Washington state, did not have a policy explicitly banning discrimination against LGBT students.

“If you’re a student or staff member of a school, you should be able to feel comfortable using whatever pronouns you feel comfortable with, Basket said.

That’s the only thing they’re willing to say that they’re not doing, is that they don’t have policies in place.”

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