July 9, 2021

Students at the University of Texas at Austin have voted to strike in protest against the imposition of a strike by the university’s student union.

The vote by a 3-2 majority, with a record low turnout, was the largest vote of students to strike since the strike started in August of last year.

The strike began as a way to stop the imposition by the UTSA of a three-month work stoppage by UTSA faculty, staff, and students that has seen the university lose $3.5 million in class-related revenue.

Students at UTSA, which is located in Austin, Texas, have been on strike since December of last season.

The university has been in negotiations with the union for nearly a year.

As a result of the strike, the university is currently without a permanent administrator and has been forced to lay off dozens of faculty, including faculty at the university of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, and the UT Health Science Center.

In recent months, the school has been hit with several lawsuits and a lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union.

The Texas state constitution, passed in response to the strike by faculty, does not specifically provide for a strike, but it allows the university to layoff and fire faculty if it determines that a strike is necessary.

The University of South Texas is currently in a precarious position, with state and federal governments, including President Donald Trump, demanding it be reopened for classes.

The state of Texas has spent more than $2 billion in legal fees and legal costs on the UT strike, according to a Texas Department of Education press release.

“I am deeply disappointed that the University is taking this step in a desperate attempt to get back to its normal business,” UTSA President John Sharp said in a statement.

“This strike was long overdue and we are grateful for the outpouring of support from our students, faculty, alumni, community, and partners across the state.

The students and faculty who are participating are doing what we can to restore order and protect the safety of our students and staff, which are essential to our mission of teaching and research.

Our students are doing the best job they can and we must continue to support them in their efforts to rebuild the campus and the university as a whole.”

Sharp has faced backlash from UTSA and its alumni over the strike and its impact on the university.

A petition to get the university back to normal has garnered more than 40,000 signatures.

UTSA Chancellor Michael Haverford also took to Twitter to say he would support the strike.

The UTSA campus in Austin.

US News & World Report/Flickr The strike comes just a week after President Donald J. Trump signed a $3 billion deal with Texas to reopen the UT system.

Trump had promised to create a “big, beautiful, great university” for the state of Texas and the US, according an administration press release from March.

Trump also said that he would “make it easier for Texas students and taxpayers to get into the best universities, schools, and colleges in the world.”

In a statement released Tuesday, Sharp said the UT student strike has been “a great success” and that “I have never seen such a massive and passionate response from students across the country to the issues facing our state.”

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