July 16, 2021

A rebellion is on the cards at Ferris University after a student group called the Ferris Revolution began organizing on social media to protest against the administration’s decision to cut the university’s budget by $30 million.

The protest, which will start Thursday, is the first step in a larger movement to pressure the university to increase its funding.

The students plan to march through campus in the afternoon, but have not specified what they will do in case the protest goes south.

“We don’t have the funds to maintain a protest on our own.

We are asking Ferris to increase the amount of our budget and provide us with more funds,” said senior Olivia Ollison, a member of the Feris Revolution.”

Our protest is against the university and the way it treats its students,” said Ollisons mother, Michelle Ollinson.

“We don�t want the money we have to keep the university going.”

Ollison and Ollion were the lead organizers of the protest, and the group has since expanded its efforts.

“This is the start of a long struggle, not just for our freedom, but for the freedom of other students at our school,” Ollions mother said.

“This is a fight for our future.

This is a struggle for a better education.”

The university was not immediately available for comment on the protests.

In a statement, Ferris spokesperson Kevin Hinton said the university�s budget is critical to the success of the school, but it will not be increased because of the referendum.

“The referendum that took place in March did not include the amount needed to maintain our financial health,” Hinton wrote in the statement.

“In a budget of $9.5 million, this amount is a critical component of maintaining the academic integrity of the university.

We�re also working to reduce the need for outside students and staff to take part in the process, and will work to continue this practice over the coming months.”

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