July 23, 2021

By Jessica HromasMay 29, 2020 6:09pmOne of the new campuses in Florida opened its doors this week for public use, with students learning about the environment, the natural world, and the future of human research.

The College of Environmental Science, Technology, and Medicine at Fayetteville State University (CESM) opened to the general public at noon Friday, and students and faculty were allowed to use the building as a lab or classroom.

The building will house students in various programs including environmental biology, earth sciences, environmental engineering, and marine sciences.

According to Fayette County Public Works, the college will open for classes on Saturday.

Students and faculty will be able to work on their own projects and will also be able learn from the community.

The college was founded in 2008 and will be a four-year institution with a total of 15,000 students.

The school is also looking to expand its student population, which currently has approximately 8,600 students.

“The goal is to add another 1,000 to FESM’s current enrollment, which is already more than double the state average,” a press release on the college’s website read.

“The school will be offering an in-person program on campus for students who would prefer to attend in person rather than in-building, with the option to work remotely with faculty.

The new school will also have a student government, student-run organization, and a community space for the college community.

Fayetteville County Executive Edna Garcia told ABC News that the college was originally supposed to open in 2019, but she was unable to get a permit for it.

The community is very supportive of the college and they’re excited to see the campus open,” Garcia said.

The campus was designed by local architecture firm Henson & Associates.

Development Is Supported By

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