June 8, 2021

The latest in college hoops:Liberty University is a private, Christian school in Virginia that hosts the NCAA men’s basketball tournament, which takes place in Richmond every year.

The school’s motto is “In God We Trust,” and the school has hosted events for President Donald Trump and members of Congress.

In August, the school issued a statement on its website saying it would “actively oppose any effort by any government entity to take away our right to religious freedom, or to deny or restrict our rights as a citizen to worship and express faith.”

The school said it would seek a court order barring any attempt to restrict its religious freedom rights.

The school said that it has “a strong and steadfast commitment to the freedom of religious freedom and will continue to defend that right in all our legal actions, and we are confident that our First Amendment rights will be upheld in the future.”

A Liberty University spokesperson did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Last year, the Washington Post reported that the school’s president had asked a group of students to take over a campus chapel to protest the president’s anti-abortion remarks.

The Post said that students at the time refused to comply.

The university is the latest institution to get in hot water over the issue of students’ right to protest.

In January, The Washington Post published a report alleging that a University of California, Berkeley, student group was staging a sit-in outside a university chapel to highlight how it felt marginalized by its school’s liberal political views.

The University of Michigan and several other universities have been embroiled in protests over controversial policies, including one held in January at the University of Missouri.

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