June 12, 2021

University of Pennsylvania students are now being told they will have to pay for classes at a state university that has been closed after an investigation found it had no adequate security.

The state Office of Administrative Services (OAS) announced in December it would close the Independence University of the Pennsylvania after finding that it did not have enough security guards or proper controls to prevent a “catastrophic event”.

However, it later clarified that “the security of all students and staff is a top priority”.

The university was opened in the early 1960s by former Pennsylvania Governor James C. Blaine.

But the university has faced numerous security issues since then, including at the hands of a militant group known as the Black Panthers.

The university’s security was also questioned after it was raided by police in April last year, and a year later, a student was shot dead by police after a confrontation.

A month later, the university was also forced to close after the death of a student who was reportedly trying to commit suicide.

But after a series of attacks on the university, which has about 40,000 students, including about 1,400 from Pennsylvania, the OAS said it had been forced to shut down the university because of the increased threat it poses to the security of the state.

It was only last month that a Pennsylvania judge said the university could reopen.

The OAS’s decision came after the university’s administrator, Dr Richard Hickey, made a series.

He said it would be “premature” to close the university unless there was a “clearly stated and unambiguous threat of serious harm to the community”, including the death or serious bodily harm.

The statement said the college’s “safety and security policies” would be reviewed to ensure “there is a clear plan for security, coordination, and control to prevent serious harm”.

“This includes the use of appropriate emergency response personnel and training,” it said.

“It also includes the review of the university campus, campus facilities, and surrounding properties to ensure that it has adequate security measures to provide for its security needs.”

The statement added: “We are committed to protecting our students, staff, faculty, and community from serious harm.”

A university spokesman said: “It is the OSS that decided that we were not ready to operate a university, and they said they would close us.

We didn’t take it lightly.”

The university will now be operating at a level of care that it’s never operated before.

“The OSS’s announcement comes as a number of states have shut down universities after students and others protested the shutdowns.

In Florida, the University of Central Florida was closed on Sunday after a group of students and community leaders said it was the worst day of the school year, with students locked inside classrooms and a curfew imposed.

In California, two California colleges, the Polytechnic of the University at Albany and the Polytech of the State University of New York, were also closed on Saturday.

The students at both schools were protesting the closure, saying they were worried that their graduation would be delayed and their education would be cancelled.

The two colleges were closed by Governor Jerry Brown, who is now considering whether to extend the state’s curfew.

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