June 12, 2021

The hashtag #MeToOvertime has sparked widespread discussion and outrage among women and men on the Internet, with many people expressing their anger over what they see as a lack of respect for women and a lack “of understanding of women’s issues.”

The conversation surrounding the hashtag has also taken a negative turn with the harassment of two University of Cleveland professors who recently penned an open letter to their colleagues.

The women, who have been a vocal critic of President Donald Trump’s administration, were speaking out after the president, during his first address to the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, condemned sexual assault and harassment on campuses.

On Wednesday, Cleveland State University Professor of Women and Gender Studies Dr. Gloria Steinem and Cleveland State professor of sociology Dr. Karen Strom wrote a letter to the president in which they criticized the president for not taking steps to address sexual assault on campus and demanded that the president address the issue.

Steinem called for an immediate end to the “unacceptable and harmful” epidemic of sexual assault.

Strom also criticized Trump for his response to the incident, saying that while the president was not “directly responsible for the violence, he is clearly responsible for not addressing it.”

The president has made clear his desire to take a different approach to sexual assault, which he clearly does not want to do,” Strom said in the letter.

The letter was also signed by University of North Carolina professor and activist Phyllis Schlafly, and former Republican National Committee chairman and current GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump Jr.

The two women have called out the president’s comments on campus in the past, and have called on him to take action to stop the epidemic of rape and sexual assault that is plaguing campuses across the country.

Steele and Strom have been outspoken critics of the president during his administration, and both have been labeled as anti-Semites by some conservatives.

Stein said she and her colleagues were frustrated with the president and his administration for not being proactive in addressing the epidemic.”

We know the president is the most effective and responsible president in the history of the United States of America, but he hasn’t shown the same level of leadership that we know he does in combating sexual assault,” Stein said.

Steiner and Stram also called for a response from the president.

They said they felt the president failed to take any action on campus sexual assault when they made the allegations against him and that the White House is not doing enough to ensure that victims of sexual violence are not retaliated against.

Steins letter also included a list of recommendations from the two women and others who had been harassed by the president as a result of their writings.

In a statement, Steinem said that the two professors, who are women and people of color, “stand with us” and urged people to continue to share their experiences with each other.”

I want everyone to know that we stand with you and we hope the people around you will continue to stand with us,” she said.”

Our goal is not to be silent about sexual violence, we are trying to change the culture so that sexual assault is not an everyday occurrence.

And when we speak out, we speak about our own experiences, and we speak in the name of the women who were sexually assaulted and the women in our lives who were hurt.

“Stein also said that they were inspired by their fellow college students and professors to come forward with their stories because they know “that there is so much more to the story than the words spoken by the President.””

And when we share our stories, we ask that the men in the White Houses office who are so concerned about sexual assault are also concerned about our voices and our voices are heard.”

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