June 20, 2021

You might have noticed that the name George Mason University was removed from a new website.

The school’s website had an image of a young George Mason with a smiley face, but when you clicked on that image, you were greeted with a text message that read, “Welcome to George Mason, home of the greatest university in the world.

You’re welcome.”

The university has been replaced by a blank white background.

George Mason’s new website has a similar message.

Now, students at the George Mason university can ask themselves, “What could we do better?”

Here are 10 tips to make their first fake school visit a little more authentic.


Use your own logo and text The new website uses the name “George Mason University” and a text in the center of its home page that reads, “Please help make this website a great place for all students.”

To add an additional touch, the new website includes a “Do Not Disturb” box that reads “This site may contain material that may be offensive to some readers.

If you find this site offensive, please do not continue.”

The text also includes a disclaimer that reads: The name of this website and this website’s logo and name are trademarks of George Mason College, Inc. All rights reserved.


Use the word “george” instead of “Mason” The old school’s home page still included a logo that read “George, Mason” and featured a photo of a smiling, smiling George Mason.

The new site’s logo now reads, and in a large font, “We are George Mason,” and the text reads, in part: “Please visit George Mason for more information.”

The new school’s homepage still includes the word George Mason and a small photo of the old logo.


Don’t be afraid to use a smile emoji The old website still featured an image with a smiling face and text saying, “Hi, I’m George Mason.”

The website now says, “This is the official school site, and the George-Mason logo is owned by George Mason” instead.


Don´t be afraid of the word george The new campus logo includes a smile, and text says, in large type, “George Mason University.”

The old logo featured a smiling George-Harrison-Morton face.


Make your own personalized message If you want to use the “Do not disturb” message as a warning, you could write your own message on the old website and then use the text that says, just like on the new site, “The George Mason name is owned and used by George-Barrett College, a private, nonprofit institution, dedicated to promoting educational excellence.”

The original George Mason logo also includes the “Dont Disturb”” message, but the new logo doesn’t include the warning text.


Take advantage of Google’s search engine optimization (SEO) feature Google is adding a new feature to its search engine that will help you find what you are looking for in search results.

If your old search engine was not optimized to find the school, Google will suggest new, more relevant results that may better match your search query.

You can see how to find your old site by visiting the Google Search Console and clicking on “Find” at the top right corner of the page.


Avoid search terms that have negative connotations If you are using Google’s new search feature to find a school, you may want to avoid terms that might indicate that the school is less than ideal.

The “do not disturb”—but not “disturb”—message from the old school website still appears.


Don your best hat and shoes If you plan to attend the school and want to make sure your name and profile picture are in order, you should consider wearing something stylish.

For instance, wearing a black dress shirt with a tie, or a bright green skirt, is an appropriate way to show off your academic achievements.


Get creative with your new school website Google is working on a new school site that will be completely redesigned to look more like the old one.

For example, the site will feature the same logo as the old site.

However, it will include new features like a photo gallery of students, and an interactive map of the new campus.


Find your old school by visiting it again If you have already visited the old campus, you can go back to that site and find a different page with the same name and text.

If not, Google is making the new school available for a limited time on its homepage.

To get a taste of the updated campus, check out a video that shows you the new layout of the campus.

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