June 10, 2021

The National Football League is looking to make it easier for consumers to buy sports gear online, with a new “Get to the Game” app on the iPhone and iPad that lets fans download and view free videos of the upcoming NFL game before the game.

The NFL announced Thursday that it is releasing a free app called Get to the Games, and will begin to roll out it to the major professional leagues on Tuesday.

The app allows users to access the official NFL app and watch NFL games live on their TV or smartphones, along with videos, photos and other content from the official websites of the NFL and the league.

The Get to Game app allows fans to search for games on the NFL schedule or by team or position, or to find local games or the nearest stadium, and to view games and scores.

Get to The Game can also be used as a pre-game entertainment program, with fans viewing the live stream from the home of their team and a live feed of the official website.

The “Get To The Game” platform will be available for free to NFL players, officials and other league employees through the NFL Mobile app.

NFL games will also be available to fans via a pay-per-view package.

The new app is available on iPhone and iOS devices.

It will be added to the NFL app later this month, according to NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy.

The game-watching experience on the app will be similar to the way fans enjoy live video coverage of the team and games from the team’s official website, including highlights, highlights from other games, game notes, scores and more.

Fans can access the app on their iPhones or iPads by going to http://gettowardsgame.apple.com, and using the Find My Mobile app to scan their fingerprint.

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