June 30, 2021

A moment of joy, perhaps, for Edinburgh University and a lucky break for a rare-seeming sighting on TV.

A short clip of the iconic university on the BBC’s “Lads” program on Thursday was shown on BBC1’s “Inside Out” programme.

The clip, which was aired as part of a special episode, features the school’s mascot, a red-tailed hawk, as it stands on the school gates.

It is part of the university’s centenary celebrations which are set to begin in January next year.

“We were so excited and happy that we got this chance,” said Dr Robert O’Sullivan, the university chief executive officer.

“The chance to present a video to the world, which has so much impact on the university, has been a huge part of our celebration and we hope this will give people a glimpse into the life of Edinburgh.”

I know this will be very positive for students and staff.

“The university said it would look at whether to air the clip on the “Ladies Night” programme later in the week.

The footage was recorded in a private location and the university did not have a camera on campus.”

Our main focus at this stage is to get this footage broadcast on TV, and the footage will be in the public domain until the end of January,” said O’Neill.”

There will be an online gallery of the footage which will be available on the Edinburgh University’s website by the end or beginning of January.

“The footage has been viewed on YouTube more than 20,000 times, and it has been shared by a number of people on Twitter, including @UniFowler and @UniverstiyEdinburgh.

Dr O’Sullivans family have been members of the Edinburgh Uni Students’ Union since 1974.

He said he had not thought of himself as a mascot until recently.”

My family have never been a big fans of university mascots and have always been very interested in the history of the campus,” he said.”

But this was something special that we were able to do.

“This was a chance to show them off to the public and they were very pleased.”

In 2016, the Edinburgh Union awarded the university a “D” rating, meaning the institution was “not suitable for students of all ages”.

In 2017, the city received an A-rating for its air pollution levels, and in 2018 the Scottish Government banned its “gloriously”-coloured flag.

Dr Sullivan said the university was looking to raise awareness about air quality in Edinburgh.

He hopes the footage can be shown on the public broadcaster’s new “Inside out” programme, which will air in January.

The university has been given the green light to show the clip for the first time in 2019.

It will be the first footage of the mascot to be shown in a public setting.

“It’s the first of many that we will be able to show on the show,” he added.

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