May 27, 2021

The iowa State University, which is about 100 miles west of Honolulu, is one of the best schools in the state.

The state’s top university has a huge athletic program, and it has an impressive reputation as a destination for top-notch academic programs.

iowa has a reputation for producing some of the top researchers in the country.

But iowa’s reputation also stems from its students, who are not just the most talented in the nation, but also the most diverse.

They are the students of Hawaii, and they are from all over the world.

We wanted to know which state university students are the most accepting, and which universities are the least.

For the first time ever, we’re giving students a way to see how accepting they are of different cultures and backgrounds.

The results are a good indicator of which states have the most diversity and which states are the safest.

We used the U.S. News ranking system to determine the rankings, which measures the diversity of a state’s population and the overall quality of life in each state.

State rankings for the 2017 edition of the U,S.

Diversity Index include a total of 30 categories.

We also measured the number of American Indian and Alaska Native students at each university.

Here are the top 25 universities, ranked in alphabetical order, with the highest percentage of students from each race, gender and ethnic group.

The top five are also the states with the most American Indian students.

State Rankings for 2017 State #1 iowa St. John’s University #2 Hawaii State University #3 Washington State University: Washington State, Washington State State University Rankings for all states: The top 10 states by student body size: 1.

Hawaii 2.

California 3.

Colorado 4.

Texas 5.

New York 6.

Oregon 7.

Washington State 8.

Colorado 9.

Virginia 10.

Washington 9.

Washington 10.

California 10.

Utah The bottom 10 states for American Indian population: 1: Connecticut 2: Rhode Island 3: Vermont 4: Alaska 5: Maryland 6: Maine 7: Maryland 8: Vermont 9: Maryland 10: Maine Source: U. of Washington’s Diversity Index – U. Of Washington Diversity Index: Hawaii State’s rankings are based on how many American Indians students live at the school, which they describe as a mixed population.

We looked at how many students come from Indian households, how many come from other ethnic groups, how much they speak another language, how often they speak at school, and their average high school graduation rate.

States with the lowest percentages of students coming from other races and ethnic groups.

Source: The U. S. Diversity Institute – The U, S Diversity Institute: The state with the smallest percentage of Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander students is Hawaii, with only about 5 percent.

The states with high percentages of Native Hawaiians and Pacific Islanders students are California, New York, Washington, Illinois and Florida.

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