May 23, 2021

What’s the latest on the Senate election?

The Senate is currently in recess and there are a number of political questions hanging over the next four years.

This article looks at the major party’s positions on key issues, with a focus on key areas of common ground.

The Greens are the main party on the agenda, but the Liberals have also announced that they will be returning to the Senate, along with the Coalition, to address some of the issues the Greens have raised.

What’s the key political issue?

The Coalition has committed to spending $11 billion over four years on a series of policies aimed at helping Australians with lower incomes.

Labor’s policy is to increase funding to help struggling Australians and reduce debt.

In the Coalition’s policy, the Government says that it will make the debt-to-income ratio of households of 25-59 years old double from 6.5% to 10%.

What are the major issues in this election?

This election is the first to see the Greens, Labor and the Coalition fighting for a seat in the Senate.

The Greens are expected to win seats in the Victorian, South Australian and Queensland electorates, while Labor and Liberal seats will also be up for grabs.

This is the second election in which the Greens will be competing in seats, after the 2016 election saw them lose their seats in NSW and Queensland.

Will the Greens win?

It is a close race.

The latest Newspoll puts the Greens ahead of Labor by a comfortable margin of 12.5 points, with Labor winning 41.5%.

The Liberal party are now at 40%, with Labor at 41%.

However, the Greens still hold a comfortable lead in the seat of South Australia, with the Liberals holding 32.5%, the Greens at 26.5%; Labor at 17% and the Liberal Party at 6%.

The Liberal Party has also been boosted by its support from young people.

They hold the support of over two-thirds of young voters.

The party has been in power for over a decade, and its members are in the upper-income bracket.

A number of key seats are likely to be decided by a combination of the Greens and the Liberals, with key battleground seats such as the ACT and the Northern Territory still undecided.

Who is the key player?

In their campaign literature, the Coalition claims that the Liberal Government is the biggest threat to Australians’ standard of living, with policies to boost the minimum wage, cut the carbon tax, increase the GST, reduce income tax and increase benefits for working Australians.

The Coalition is also promising to scrap the carbon emissions trading scheme (ETS), and instead put money into a new scheme, which it says will give households more options for financial planning.

But the Greens say the Coalition has been out to kill them, saying that the Greens “don’t have a clue what they’re talking about”.

What can be done about the Government’s policies?

On the economy, the government says that its policies will give more certainty to businesses and encourage investment.

However, many of the policies in the Coalition manifesto are aimed at cutting taxes for wealthy Australians and are likely not to be implemented.

It also says that the government is cutting the benefits paid to low-income families, and it will introduce an income tax surcharge to fund it.

Can the Greens change the result?


In addition to being the only major party in the election to not commit to a carbon tax hike, the party also supports the abolishment of the carbon taxes in Australia, meaning that they are not needed to finance the budget.

However, the Liberal-National coalition has also pledged to cut the number of jobs in Australia from 12 million to 9 million, and is also committed to abolishing the carbon market.

As a result, many Greens MPs are expected be elected on the back of their support for the Coalition.

Is there a major opposition candidate?

While the Greens are in power, there are also several major opposition parties who could challenge the Coalition in the upcoming election.

One such party is the Australian Workers Party (AWP), who is a coalition of four smaller parties including the Nationals, Labor, Greens and PUP.

Other opposition parties that could challenge Labor include the Greens Party, the Australian Cross-Party Coalition, the National Greens and Labor’s own independent candidate.

How do I watch the election?

The Coalition will hold the balance of power in the House of Representatives until June 2019, with an election being held in 2019.

The Senate will be held until December 2021.

The Prime Minister will also hold office until January 2022.

The Greens have won seats in six of the nine states in the nation’s Senate, but they are expected win seats across the rest of the country in the coming weeks.

The Liberals have secured a majority in the Federal Parliament for the first time in a decade.

While most of the political questions surrounding the election are related to the economy and the budget, there is

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