May 24, 2021

In March, I wrote about how some people are so desperate to avoid confronting the right-wing myths that they can’t stand the truth about the left-wing agenda.

I was met with hostility and attacks by people on the right who felt that I had been doing enough to combat these lies.

They wanted me to go into the right’s mind-set and debunk the myths.

I responded by writing a book about how to do that.

The book is called “The Truth Is Out There.”

In the book, I offer advice to people on both sides of the political spectrum who are struggling with the left’s most persistent lies and distortions.

I share my research with people on all sides of this ideological divide and I offer solutions to their problems.

I also offer insights into the strategies people have employed to overcome these lies and the ways that we can all benefit from the truth.

This is a big deal.

People are starting to recognize the real danger to their society and our nation if we don’t fight these false and dangerous narratives.

It’s time to put the myths to bed.

The Right’s Latest Lies I am a conservative writer and I am not ashamed of my politics.

But I am sick and tired of being lied to.

People who have been lied to by the left want to believe me when I tell them that their “lies” are the truth and that I’m a right-winger.

When they tell me that the Republican Party is the party of big government, they’re lying to me.

They want to hear me tell them the party is “big” when it really isn’t.

They’re saying that the Republicans are the party that fights for the “big things.”

They want me to tell them, “This is the right.

This isn’t the left.

This won’t hurt anyone.

You are on the side of the people.”

They don’t understand what the “real” Republican Party actually stands for. They don

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