May 27, 2021

The internet is a scary place for many, but it’s a scary environment for the people who live there.

A new report from the National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) reveals that police officers are much more likely to be stalked on the internet than in real life, and that the number of officers stalking on the web has grown by 20% in the last five years. 

“In the digital age, the fear of being stalkered has increased exponentially,” said NAPO President Richard Cohen.

“Officers are being more and more fearful of being seen or heard, and being the target of online harassment, especially for the victims of online stalking.” 

The report, which is being released today by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, found that the average police officer is more likely than the average person to be a victim of online sexual harassment. 

More than 2,300 people have been sexually harassed on the site, and more than 400 have reported being stalkers. 

The data also revealed that people are more likely if they live in a city or state where the police department has a large number of police officers, or if they have experienced a domestic violence incident in the past five years that made them feel unsafe. 

When police officers stalk someone online, they’re not actually taking their life seriously.

Instead, the vast majority of officers are using the social media platform to harass people who they feel are less likely to respond.

“I feel very uncomfortable about this,” one officer told the report.

“I feel as though I’m the most vulnerable, and I think that’s what they’re doing.” 

According to the report, the online harassment of police, including stalking, has risen by 20 percent since 2005, and officers are stalking a growing number of people. 

In 2015, officers were stalking more than 2.5 million people, a 50% increase from 2014. 

Of those who reported being a victim, more than 4% reported being online stalkers, and 17% reported they had been stalked by a police officer.

The report also found that officers are more often stalking people who are physically more vulnerable, such as pregnant women, people with mental health problems, and people who use drugs.

The majority of stalking victims in the report were women.

Women are more frequently the target than men.

About half of all stalking victims were women in 2015, and only 15% of all victims were men. 

Despite these findings, officers are not being more vigilant in their use of social media, and police departments are still using the platform to report crimes, but the report found that most departments are not reporting cases of cyberstalking as a crime. 

Police departments in cities across the country are being urged to step up their efforts to prevent harassment, even if it’s not happening to them.

The report recommends that all police departments develop training for officers and staff, develop policies that encourage people to report stalking, and create an online harassment response kit. 

This isn’t the first time the NAPT has investigated online stalking.

Last year, the NATO conducted a study that found that nearly 80% of online stalkings occurred within the first 24 hours of the incident. 

Read more about online stalking in NAPC’s report, The First Step to Safety: How Police Are Helping Protect You.

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